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We look after you and the environment

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So we think hotels can do more, So we did more. From changing all our lighting to efficient LED lighting that reduces our electric consumption, Changing our old boilers to A* rated energy marvels, Choosing local and UK only suppliers and that is just the beginning..

green tourism

Its not all hot air, not in our air-conditioned bar, However fear not as our sea-view bar has the most efficient Inverter technology on the market from Daikin and using the latest R32 eco low emission coolant technology.

Don't worry in winter it heats us efficiently too.


You'll never see some of our eco-tech, take our solar panels on the top of the hotel, they've been fitted to be invisible from the promenade to preserve Blackpool's seafront views. Green and smart........

Green energy, from the off-shore wind farm in the sea, And our solar panels. That is where our electric comes from. 

We've signed up for a green energy plan that means all electric comes from renewable resources.

Draught lager

We've worked with our support partners to install advanced Smart Dispense technology, This digital draft system provides ice cold perfect pour beer and cider via minus 4 ice cold lines with significantly less carbon footprint. It requires less energy to cool your pint and almost removes wastage. Smart indeed. 

Local companies

All our laundry is washed by a local independent family company that specialises in supplying high end hotels. Even better they use eco-products to wash and have just installed super efficient machines to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by washing them.

Charge that !

We've signed a commitment to have a electric charge point for electric cars by December 2019.

This high speed charge point will be compatible with all major electric car manufacturers.

Sound sourcing

We now use Cooke and Lewis UK made luxury toiletries, These refillable hand washes, shower gels, moisturisers and conditioners save thousand of wasted plastic bottles and product every year. In fact over over 20,000 bottles a year. 



We've made the commitment that by 2019 all our products we use wherever possible will be fair trade or locally sourced. Most already are now.

We all like to be insulated from the cold, that why we've just invested over £15,000 upgrading our existing insulation to keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter.

The added benefit, It reduced our heating and cooling consumption by 22% saving pollution to our atmosphere.

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